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December 13, 2008 / ipodgirl

Oh Canada

This comment from a Globe & Mail reader in response to this article about the machinations of our Conservative government pretty much captures the feelings of many voters.

Read the article here. High Risk Mortgages Crept North.

The Angry Left from Canada writes: The Harper Conservatives aren’t ‘the best of a bad bunch’, as they would like you to believe. The Conservatives, like the Republicans down south, like the Harris PCs in Ontario from which Harper draws much of his cabinet ‘talent’ thrives by sowing dysfunction, breeding cynicism and spreading lies. Their main strategy consists of discrediting government by governing irresponsibly.

When Harris was in power here (in Ontario), his strategy to ‘fix’ education was to engineer a crisis in order to come in as saviour and force their own agenda down everyone’s throats. The strategy is simple. Antagonize your opposition, when they react, belittle them, infantalize them, paint them as ‘irresponsible’ and ‘greedy’. Negotiate in bad faith. Paint anyone who takes sides with the opposition as crazy and unreasonable. Push the entire system past the tipping point and break it, presenting your own agenda as the only ‘reasonable’ solution. This is their approach to healthcare, education, nuclear safety, the civil service, Parliament. Why should it come as any surprise that this is their approach to the economy?

The Conservatives aren’t the best of a bad bunch, they are the bad apple that spoils the entire bushel. If Canadians are stupid enough to mistake them as the best of a bad bunch and hand them a majority, Canadians will pay dearly. I still believe the coalition will go ahead sooner or later. I think the three opposition parties will be able to govern more effectively than this gang of buffoons. The Conservatives are buffoons. They govern by sowing division, stoking crisis, breeding cynisism and destroying trust. That’s all they know and they will never change. They are hard-wired this way.

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