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May 28, 2008 / ipodgirl

Dr. Zëus Spotted

Stratford, Ontario … May 26, 2008

Dr. Zëus Spotted in Stratford, Ontario

Famed blogger and photography rock star, Dr. Zëus, was spotted this week at the prestigious Stratford Shakespearean Festival premier performance of Romeo and Juliette. When asked for comment on the Festival, living in Stratford and the meaning of life, Zeus responded, “I just wanted to poop on the red thing over there then this broad grabbed me and picked me up! I’m just a little dog, so what’s a guy to do?”

Stratford locals were out in droves to spot the stars and celebs showing up for the premier performance of Romeo and Juliette. When Zëus was spotted, the theatre was all but forgotten in the rush to get his pawtograph and touch his silky white fur. Dr. Zëus has gone into seclusion today to recover from the emotional trauma of the throngs of adoring fans swarming him.

Dr. Zëus’ press agent said today he may reappear at the park this afternoon for walkies.

For more on Dr. Zëus, his philosophy of life, his observations on the world, good recipes and reviews of dog food, check out his blog here.

See the Beacon Herold article here.

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